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We exclusively source single origin micro-lot coffees from importers that pay a premium to the farmers and families that dedicate their time to working on these plantations. This ensures a proper wage allowing flexibility to live their lives comfortably and have something to show following a seasons harvest. It also rewards producers for quality, which helps push the industry standards forward.

Roasting process:

Our approach to roasting is both a technical and sensory process. We use computer data and charts along with our own judgement to derive what method works best for our coffees. In the end, our goal is to simply produce a roast that has an ideal cup profile and also showcases the characteristics of their native origins.

Our mission:

Ground Theory is built on the idea that a cup of coffee should elevate your senses and perhaps open your mind to the way it can be enjoyed. From the touch of the grind, the smell of the roast, and taste of the cup; It's a sensory journey we know you will enjoy taking with us.